Shearwaters vs Kestrel Hotrods

Well I have been having so much fun with Meadowlark lately that I thought- why not one more thread?

I personally have never listened to the Shearwater, but have been told a few things about them. And I'm still incredibly curious. So I thought I would let the agon panel weigh in on this. So if you don't mind ( those of you that have actually listened to both ) please fill us in on your take of these two wonderful loud speakers. And please let the readers know if you listened with SS or tube gear or even both types of gear.

Thanks for the fun!
I have never owned Meadowlarks but have always wanted a pair. I auditioned both Shearwaters and Kestrels twice and felt that the Kestrels had a smoother presentation and I prefered them. I don't recall which gear was driving them but my perception was the same in both auditions. Its really a shame that the company didn't last.
I've owned my Kestrel Hot Rods for nearly four years. During this time I've owned both the Shearwater Hot Rods and the Kestrel 2s. The Shearwaters were in my system for most of a year and used in three different rooms.
Vaughn3d got it right, the Kestrels offer a warm, easy to listen to sound while the Shearwaters were a tad on the cool side with better detail. Another positive aspect of the Kestrels is their ease of placement. Just plop them into an expected spot and let'em rip. The Shearwaters needed to be placed at an optimal distance with concern for toe-in and vertical angle. In the positive column for the Shearwaters is their bass capability. With their cool presentation the low bass can be surprising when the program calls for it.
Both are quality speakers but the Kestrel HRs are really special to my ears. My Kestrels have spent a lot of time in the closet over the years but the last time I hooked them up the magic was still there. With quality electronics they only get better.
It is a shame the company went under.
I'm aware this is an old thread, but was wondering about "timrhu's" opinion of the Shearwater Hot Rods vs. the Kestrel 2s.  Any preference?