Shearwater Hot Rod vs. ProAc 1.5

compare and contrast these speakers for rock, r&b, and Jazz. Both are excellent speakers with high quaility components. I am using a Goldmund SR12 int. amp. Thank you for any input you can offer.
You'll get a fuller, richer, warm sound with the Shearwaters, and a more detailed, sweet sound with the Proac. I prefer the Shearwaters, but both are fine choices and I would like to hear them with your excellent integrated. Rock, Shearwaters all the way. Jazz, close, but probably Proac. If you want to shake the room from time to time, the Shearwaters are the way to go. While the 1.5 is a much better speaker, even the Kestrel would give you more when it comes to rock.
Just to clarify, I meant to say that the Proac 1.5 is much better than the Kestrel.
The Shearwater Hot rods are superior in every way. Much larger and deeper soundstage, more detail, much better drivers.