Shearwater efficiency?


I currently own a pair of Hales Rev 3. I am looking for something alittle more refined and thought the Meadowlark Shearwaters would fit the bill. I had heard them before with an Audio refinement Complete Int. Sounded great.

However I recently went into a local shop the the salesman said that the Shearwaters need to be driven hard to sound good. Meaning high volumes with lots of power. Is this true?.

Incidently I have LOTS or power.
Your salesman sounds like a dodo. I own the Shearwater Hot Rods, I love them. I picked them over several much more expensive speakers I used to own, including Merlins and Kharmas. The Shearwater HRs are exceedingly easy to drive, minimum impedance is 7 ohms. maximum is 11 ohms, efficiency is 89dB. I have driven them successfully with as little as 15 watt 300B SET amplifiers with no problems whatsoever. I currently use a 30 watt SET amp and it will play w/o strain as loud as I ever care to listen.

Take the chance, you'll be happy, and your amp options will be surprisingly plenty...
I haven't owned Shearwaters but I have owned hot rod kestrels and hot rod herons. They were both very easy to drive as I believe the Shearwaters are. I think I would find another salesman to get advice from. The Kestrels and I understand, the Shearwaters to a little lesser degree are light on bass. Great musical speakers but unless in a very small room really need a Rel in my opinion. The Herons definitely do not need a sub. The bottom line is that Meadowlark makes very fine speakers that are easy to drive.
The Complete with any Meadowlark is a nice combination. What is your room like? Give some thought to the room and size of speaker. Also call Meadowlark and speak with Pat or someone there. Let them help you and they will. Good luck.
I drive the Shearwaters HR with a 35 watt tube amp and get wonderful "liquid" mids and highs. Acoustic guitar is magical. The bass is on the light side but it is not flabby. I listen to alot of jazz so it works well. If you're a rocker then you might be disappointed in the bass but only your ears can tell. They are a smooth speaker.