Shawn Lane R.I.P.

Incredibly gifted guitarist dies at 40, huge loss. His playing on the Jonas Hellborg discs (acoustic and electric) put him at a very high pinnacle as a musician. It's hard to believe he won't be here to blow us away anymore. If you haven't heard him , the Hellborg/Lane/Selvaganesh-Good People disc is a good place to start. Fantastic recording, even better music.
That's way too bad. He wasn't just an incredible guitar player, he played EVERYTHING on Powers of Ten. Any idea what happened?
Too bad. And just as he was figuring out that music is a team effort.
Not sure what you meant when you wrote "music is a team effort". Are you saying that there are no great (or even musically redeeming) single instrumentalist performances or recordings? Anyway the 1994 Hellborg/Lane/Baker, Abstract Logic disc at times displays an extremely high level of musical telepathy and teamwork. I don't know how much Shawn Lane you've heard, but this recording strongly indicates that he had the team thing figured out at least 9 years ago.
Some of the recordings I've heard seem to show him off at the expense of the ensemble. I'm not denying his amazing talent. I sometimes have the same impression of John McLaughlin, although his role in Shakti seems to be more ensemble-minded than in his early incarnations. I'm not bashing Shawn Lane... perhaps my original post was poorly worded.
He was a very good player.Let's just not compare him with John McLaughlin in any way.