Shawn Colvin anyone?

I saw Shawn Colvin last night at the McCarter Theater in Princeton. A solo acoustic show, no opener. This is the fourth or fifth time I've seen her and each time her playing seems to mature and her voice just keeps getting better and better. She opened with The Only Living Boy In New York. A rather sad tune. At the end of it she said: "that's as cheerful as it's gonna get tonight". The rest of the rather short show was steeped in her darker, lonlier songs. It was a very intimate, beautiful, yet lonely performance. Incredible acoustics, respectful crowd and exquisite guitar work. If you've never had a chance to see her - go! If you are a fan of her's, catch one of her current shows. She is near the top of her game right now.
dam, wish I could have been there!!! Everything But The Girl does "Only Living Boy..." and it's one of my favorites. I recently discovered Eva Cassidy. She died of cancer before she had a chance to get famous, and she definitly would have been famous...incredible voice!! You may also want to check out Nora Jones.
Mdomnick -

Listened to Eva's "Live at Blues Alley" in the car on the way to the show last night. Her version of Tall Trees in Georgia is beautiful!
thanks Slipknot1 .. I have her CD and its one of my fav, I also have her on Sessions at west 54th st Vol1 .. ..she does a great job there too !!

thanks for the review
Slipknot1.Yes I listened to "Tall Trees in Georgia" last
night also.I have done many system changes since I last
listened about a year ago.Breathtaking !!.
Her newest Cd,"Imagine" is not as well produced however
but is great nontheless.

Shawn Colvin,solo at the "ARK" in Ann Arbour ,MI.
July ,this year.Seats about 400.Riveting performance !
Mzn50 ? Sessions at West 54th ? Did not know about this
new release?
Do you all have Shawn Colvin , "Cover Girl " ?
Hey Good thread,
Thanks ,Peter D.
"Steady on" is a great album. I have it on vinyl. Also have all her music except her last release. Love Eva Cassidy and have all of Everything But the Girl.
I remember her from 1990---Bruce Hornsby's "A Night on the Town" album. She performed beautifully on the track Lost Soul.
I too, am a big fan of Shawn Colvin. Quite an angelic voice singing those dark songs. Always found how sunny(no pun intended) she could sound in describing a woman burning the house down. Last album was more upbeat than usual.

My experiences with her are via the Keswick Theater, just outside of Philadelphia in Glenside. From what I remember she opened for a large act two summers ago. Doubt many familar with the group she opened for would even realize how lucky they were to see her. Apologies for not knowing the other band.
You Shawn Colvin fans should give a listen to her Live '88 recording. It's nice in that it gives you most of her repetoire in a live setting with her and her guitar. As nice as her studio recordings are, her strong suite is the intimacy that she develops with her audience, the studio stuff is also backed by an electric band. Great production values, but not very intimate. Sorry I don't have the CD in front of me, so I can't give you the lable it's on, nor can I remember the venue. I've been looking for a vinyl version of it for years. Every trip to the Princeton Record Exchange, it's the first thing I search for. Anyone want the info on Live '88, send me an email and I'd be more than happy to provide you with the details.
I went to junior high and high school with Shawnie. I've been in love with her for 33 years!

Even as a teen she had a melancholy tone that could melt your heart. She made an interesting Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady...

Even when she's so-so, she's better than almost anyone.

Peter D, the Sessions Vol 1 is the DVD version I have and she does a track on that DVD..BTW, that whole DVD is exceptional !

Saw Colvin @ ayr ago at Ravinia, the outdoor summer home of the CSO, here on the outskirts of Chicago. Very nice night. Started buying more after that - always a good sign. Other people hear and ask, who's that? Have a small 5 cut CD live that sounds very good. I'll check out the '88, thanks.

Eva Cassidy. If you don't own Blues Alley, please, get it gentlemen. Not much of a Das Sting solo fan, but "Fields of Gold" by Cassidy leaves me silent...and, hopeful.

What more could one ask?
Eva's cd Imagine is her best IMO. Just a tremendous cd!!! Wish she had a chance to do more work. I can't say enough about Nora Jones either. She has got talent coming out of ears...and she ain't bad to look at;)
I have wondered if you all also listen to different "Eva Cassidy" alblums depending on your mood at the time.
You know ,nostalgic "Time" , sad "Songbird" ,exuberant
"Live at Blues Alley" .Just wondering ?