Shave your CDs



nonuse.....Astro are really fine, but try Dorco Prime Platinum....smoother still

"Tempted to try it?

Follow your hunch.

Be "Top Banana".

Not one of the bunch!

Burma Shave.

Well on my sonic frontier  transport 3 whe  the iris opens you can see the disc spin quite easy to see that some of the cds are out of round. The center  whole doesn't  match the outside diameter  off venter slightly.  That being said if the servos  don't have to work as hard it will sound better. That being  said washing cds makes then sound better easy for any non believer  easy to try. The funny thing about his comparison  is the 5 cent cd player he is trying  it on. And quite easy to try markers on the edge of the cd as well as the center  that is easy to hear the difference  as well. And yes I heard a demo of this machine with a levinson  system in a high end store and yes there is a difference.  Lol easy to hear when you listen  on a quality  system  instead of a pos.