SHARP SM-SX300 (100V OR 110V): WHERE???

Hello guys,

I am from Holland and here for the first time.

I am looking for a digital amplifier: SHARP SM-SX 300 (100V OR 110V)

it was sold on the audiocubes2 site (only japanese equipment), but now no more.

I found one expired listing here on audiogon. So there might be more somewehere....

 I would be tremendously gratefull if anyone could give me a lead where i could find

a good working second hand.

Kind regards from the Netherlands

Robert (

Is this what you are looking for?
Hallo Alan,

Thank you very much for your reply!

Unfortunately this is not the amplifier i am looking for. It comes
in the direction. This model you sent me is one of the earlier models.

Nevertheless i am gratefull that you took the time and effort to inform

Maybe i should put a finders fee of 100 usd on the internet. Should that help?

Kind regards,