Sharp-Nine Records - My New Favorite Jazz Label

Just thought I’d pass along a record label recommendation.

One of the Hi-Fi rag-mags last month had a review of an album called Grant Stewart Plays the Music of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn on the Sharp-Nine label. The reviewer gave it five-stars for both music and sound so I checked it out. That is indeed an excellent quartet album. I checked out a couple of their other discs and have found that they’re production values are uniformly excellent – haven’t heard a bad sounding track yet.

As for the music: If you like straight-ahead jazz (and I do) this label has some fine choices. Anthony Wonsey’s “The Thang” is terrific, featuring Eric Alexander on a few tracks, and Planet Jazz “In Orbit” is just a perfectly played septet date.

If you’re into this stuff you can’t go wrong here. They have a pretty good web-site with samples too.
I believe you but visiting their site I see option to purchase and not a single word as to what you get. CD, download, Vinyl?

It made me grimace when I reached the checkout :^).
I've been buying through Amazon, if that helps.
Wonderful label with some stellar artists,Grant Stewart is high on my list of "old souls" in young bodies.Great tone and solid musical values.I must mention that much of this music on this label comes out of the Systems Two recording studio in Brooklyn and the sound in those rooms and the engineers are amongst the best i have heard of late.I know it is 2010,but pardon me if i am swinging! Go dig that music!
Grimace, checked out the album samples at Amazon. Yes, never heard of him before but I really like Grant Stewart's sound. I will be buying. Thanks
I just received Tardo Hammer playing Tad Dameron tunes...every piano recording should sound like this.