Sharing speakers?

Is there any way to have two amplifiers share one set of speakers?

I have an el-cheapo HTIB receiver which suits me fine for now for HT but would like to use a different (integrated) amp for 2-channel. The HT receiver does not have pre-outs, and the integrated does not have any sort of HT pass-thru.

I bought a decent set os front l/r speakers I'd like to use for both somehow, haven't yet read anything here that says it's possible given my configuration.

When finances allow, I'll upgrade the HT receiver to one with pre-outs.

Sorry for what's probably a really dense question, but I've got some constraints to deal with right now, am very close to having a 2-channel setup I can live with, and the last piece is trying to get decent amplification.

Thanks for any and all constructive input....
The HT pass-thru is not really necessary (some repeatable volume setting would do), but pre-outs on the receiver would be necessary. I used a cheap Sherwood receiver (6090R), which is one of the few cheaper ones that has pre-outs.

Otherwise your only option is to swap speaker cables of use a speaker switch box, which could deteriorate the sound.

Good luck,