Share your thoughts on Marsh Amps

I'm starting over with my audio system and liked the review of the Marsh Sound Desing A400s in TAS. Can anyone give an experience based review of Marsh products? I'm thinking about pairing them with Maggie 1.6s. Marsh has been around as a company only for a short while and it's tough to find useful info...
I have a P2000 preamp and have beem very impressed. Detailed, yet smooth. Inexpensive, yet competitive with the best I've heard.
Here's a review of the P2000 preamp that i did a while ago. Keep in mind that i ended up purchasing one of these a short while after this review and currently have it running in one of my systems. Sean
Hi Cmjones, the Marsh 400 amp IMO competes with ss amps in the $5000 range. It is clean, detailed, with good dynamics. In my system it can sometimes be a bit on the lean side. It is not without colorations, but what amp aint. Comparing it to other ss amps in it's price range is where the Marsh parts company. It's lack of coloration (still has some) is unusual in this price range. I am not a fan of SS amps but if that is your preference the Marsh is an excellent amp and at it's price, it is a bargin. BTW I have a friend who uses the Marsh with your speakers and loves it. Good luck.
I would agree with everyone here. I was able to listen to the first run of Marsh products a few years back and was amazed at the level of performace/ build quality for the price. A real bargain in this industry. Good luck!
Your review was very helpful, and the other feedback is useful as well.
Hey CM. Also not to be overlooked (in the same general price range)if you can, audition the fairly new InnerSound ESL amp. It was just reviewed in the just out issue of TAS--they practically "gushed" over it. I just had the IMMENSE pleasure of auditioning one with my Martin Logan reQuests--UNBELIEVABLE. Really shocked me. The best amp I've ever auditioned in my 25yr.s of chasing the ultimate elusive sonic buzz. My strong advice, don't buy ANYTHING until you at least get a chance to hear this little beast. I have the feeling once word spreads, this will be the next "hot" amp to beat.
Hello cmjones I too have to agree with the above statements. I listened to this amp with a pair of maggies(same as yours) and was floored with it's sonics. I took it home and listed with my meadowlark kestrals. This amp is a must listen! Good listening.