I want to thank everyone who contributed to my last request for albums where all the songs were good. I find myself going back to my favorite genre of music (if it is such a thing), Mysterious, Mystical, Haunting type songs. My ‘Best of Mysterious’ CD’s have a lot of playtime.
I don’t want to overwhelm everyone right off the bat, so here are a few from my playlist:

Would welcome your contributions. Thanks in advance.  Corey

Mysterious, Haunting songs

BTO ‘Don’t fear the reaper’
Donovan ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’
Highwaymen ‘Highwayman’
Deep Purple ‘Blind’
Shins New slang’
America “Horse with no name’
Eagles ‘Hotel California’
Creedence Clearwater ‘Susie Q”
Hooverphonic ‘  from the album-Jackie Chan ‘Forever connected’
Bif Naked ‘We are the lucky ones’
Procol Harum ‘Whiter shade of pale’
Donovan or Kinks ’Season of the Witch’
Traffic ’40,000 headmen’
The Doors ’The End’
Jefferson Airplane ‘White Rabbit’
Zombies ‘Time of the Season’
Cream ’Strange Brew’
Wishbone Ash ‘Leaf and Stream’
Death cab for Cutie ‘When Soul meets body’
Uriah Heep ‘Tales’
Baxter ‘Love again’
Prince “When Doves cry’
The Byrds ‘8 miles high’
Love ‘7 and 7 is’
Marketts “Out of Limits’
Eurythmics ‘Julia’ and “English Summer’
Dan Fogelberg ‘Changing Horses’
Keane ’Somewhere only we know’
S&Garfunkel ‘Sound of Silence’
Roger Hodgson ‘Only because of you’
Chris Issac ‘Wiked Game’
Beach Boys ‘Good Vibrations’
Black Motorcycle Club ‘Beat the Devil’s Tatoo’
Angus & Julia Stone ‘Living on a rainbow’
Antimatter ‘Psalms’ and ‘The last laugh’
Aqualung ‘Strange and Beautiful’
Apocalyptica “Fade to black’
Beatles ‘Within you, Without you’
Band of Skulls ‘Lies’
The Black Keys ‘Psychotic Girl’
Black Rivers ‘Coral Sea’
Black Sabbath “A national Acrobat’
Broken Bells ‘The High Road’
Toy Matinee ’Toy Matinee’
Stephin Merritt “Some Summer Day”
Ten Years After “ The band with no Name’



Two hypnotic tracks that may be what you seek are:

Pink Floyd: Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (agree with Dweller) and

(Jazz) John Coltrane:  Ole Coltrane

You want mysterious and haunting - Listen to the soundtrack from "The Ghost & Mrs. Muir"

Dream Weaver - Gary Wright

Takes me on a mind trip every time.

Time Passages - Al Stewart

Year Of The Cat - Al Stewart

Only one I've ever heard, Bernard's Pycho OST.

He ame close for DePalma's Sister's 12 years later.



Probably nearly every song by Nick Cave.

I respect positions he has adopted on certain matters of principle.

A lot of great songs on the list, I have many but I am going to have to go through it and check out the rest.

All three of these are from growing up, when I got older I tracked them all down which wasn't easy at the time. Before internet so I had to try and catch the name on the radio and then go to music stores and search for them.

Thunder Island - Jay Ferguson
I come alive - Jay Ferguson

Crackerbox Palace - George Harrison

Dwarfland Love Theme - Badalamenti

Before The Devil Knows Your Dead - Carter Burwell.

I’m Sam Too - Clint Mansell.

Lux Aeterna - Ligeti



You want mysterious, mystical and haunting?: Dead Can Dance. Nuff said.

First thing to entered my mind.

Most recorded very well, too.

Lots of stuff by Mike Oldfield.

Especially: Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge, and Ommadawn.


Almost anything by Loreena McKennitt.

Lots of stuff by Irish band, Clanad.

Italian prog band, Eris Pluvia made a great one in the mid 90's called, "Rings of Earthly Light", that is haunting from open to close. 

Rings of Earthly Light

Tons of Celtic, Brit folk rock. Traditional Brit music tops for me here, stories from times when the mystical was truth.

"Roads to Moscow" Al Stewart

"Riders of the Storm" The Doors

"The Black Plague" Eric Burden & The Animals

"The Supernatural" Peter Green

"The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)" Fleetwood Mac

"The Messiah Will Come Again" Roy Buchanan

"Wild Is The Wind" David Bowie

Anything by the Cocteau Twins.

Bowie "Warszawa" & "Blackstar."

This Mortal Coil "Song to the Siren."


Given the wide range of music already listed in this thread, it looks like there are many individual definitions of mystical and haunting. Very cool to see what certain tracks can haunt someone to their very core.

I won't list individual tracks, but some artists that come to mind:





Loreena McKennitt

Secret Garden

Dead Can Dance

Cigarettes After Sex

Beach House

Thanks for this cool list.  I'm familiar with many of them but its been awhile so I will enjoy going through it.  Some of them are completely new to me.   I'll add Lana Del Rey.

“Requiem For The Americas - Songs From The Lost World” by Jonathan Elias. The entire album has a weird dusk/twilight time of day feeling. 


l like this list but I was just not seeing someone.  Peter Gabriel.  I'll take that as one of his most haunting.  Maybe the song Intruder but that's plain creepy.


Wow. Urge for Going by Tom Rush. I listened to the tune on what was KROQ before it was called KROQ. Or was it on one of L.A.'s hippie underground, beg-a-thon, bottom-of-the-FM-dial stations? In any case it was one of those cuts that primed me for being a Joni Mitchell fan before Joni actually recorded/released anything. I bought a copy of the record at the local hippie record store. I still have it, too. I just checked.

The mention of "Twin Peaks" reminded me of a couple good ones.

Julee Cruise - "Rockin' Back Inside My Heart"

Julee Cruise - "The World Spins"

By themselves these tracks are haunting enough, but when used in this scene are just bone chilling. Totally bizarre and surreal.

I hope some of these fit the bill (some might just be romantic and melancholy.) Thanks for the question (I now have new playlist.) Enjoy!

Your the One - Kate Bush 

Song of Solomon - Kate Bush

Somewhere In Between - Kate Bush

Everest - Ani Defranco

Galaxy of Emptiness - Beth Orton

I Must Have Been Blind - Brendan Perry

Voyage of Bran - Brendan Perry

The World Spins - Julee Cruise

Small Hours - John Martyn

The Unfolding - Lisa Gerrard and Pietre Bourke

Oomingmak - Cocteau Twins

Definitely agree with Dead Can Dance and would also add…

Genesis: The Waiting Room (from Lamb Lies Down on Broadway)

Peter Gabriel : Passion (The entire album.  Spiritual rather than haunting)  



Hurt - Johnny Cash

Disturbed - Sound Of Silence

Tracy Chapman - Behind The Wall

Leonard Cohen - Suzanne

Bobby Gentry - Ode To Billy Joe



Rush "Losing it"

Airborne Toxic Event "Sometime Around Midnight"

Peter Murphy "Cuts You Up"

ELO "Can't Get It Out Of My Head"

Eva Cassidy "Falling Leaves"


Ultravox have a catalogue of such:

My Sex, and

Death in the Afternoon, for example.