Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good

It rarely happens to me, but in a pile of records I bought over the summer I

found one with no cover. Shocking Blue’s 2nd album. 'At Home' (I’m your Venus is on it).

Even most Beatles albums have at least one song I could pass on, but not this one. Horrible fidelity, scratched to hell, but damn...

So I’d love to hear of other records that you all could suggest.



@dmlaudio Thanks, I think Alvin Lee might have been sending a message with his opening guitar chords on the first song of the album. (One of These Days)

@jssmith  +2

I was just relaying those exact thoughts to my wife last night.  She could care less but it's 2022... 

Album: Touch Wood
Artist: Antonio Forcione 2003


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