Shanyata Hydra 8 vs Transparent Power Iso 14?

Considering the Hydra 8 or Transparent Power Bank Control Center (14) outlets. Don't need the extra outlets, however; interested to know if any one has compared the Hydra to the Transparent gear. Any feedback to help with a decision would be appreciated.

Well, I have compared a Transparent PIXL with Trans Ref XL cord to a Shunyata Original Hydra w/a Python cord to Hydra and either the Transparent cord to preamp or kimber palladian to pre.

Other thing to disclose is I run all Trans Ref interconnects and speaker cables.

I liked the Trans PIXL and cord better. Quieter, more musical, smoother frequency response. I sold my hydra, I did like it digital. However, I've moved to vinyl the last 2 years or so.

I think the net here is if you are running all Transparent cable, you'll likely like it better. If something else, it's really hard to say what will be better for you. They both are's a preference thing.

If you haven't tried good ac plugs, like the porter ports, do that first. You might be happy with those and cords going straight to the outlets...which is what I'm doing now. I do miss the PIXL though...
I am using the Transparent Power Link XL Power Cords for Amps and would use the conditioner for the front end which utilizes all transparent ref digital and super interconnects with Ultra XL Speaker cable to N802's. I have a Panamax 5300 now but, looking for improvements.
Since you're using all transparent cable, i'd stick in their line-up. Although you may be able to better it, it'll be a crap shoot keeping everything in balance. I found I could get better at one thing or another (and btw, one or two things worse) with the Hydra and other cords...but the transparent did everything pretty well.

If you like your current transparent cords, I'd stay i'd with. Still try a better ac outlet, I think transparent even recommends this on their website...

Good luck !
I use all Transparent Cable, and found that Shunyata's power products are vastly superior to anything Transparent makes in that area. Consequently I have Transparent Reference-level wire, and a Shunyata Hydra 8 with multiple Shunyata power cords.
Try to get transparent ppmmx