Shanling T200 questions

I just acquired a stock Shanling T200 recently and I think it is great. If down the line I want to get it upgraded who should I get the work done by? Secondly I notice the remote have the 24/96 upsampling button. What does that do? When I push it, it doesn't do anything. Is there something wrong with my player? Thanks for the help.
Contact Steve Nugent (Empirical Audio) or Walter Liederman (Underwood
HiFi) regarding modification. The 24/96 upsampling button on the
remote in non-functional on the T200.

Before you mod your player, make sure it doesn't "hiccup" between
tracks during SACD playback. Then, you'll be able to get a new chip
under warranty. A few machines early in the production run
had this problem.
Parts Connexion does all the mods for Underwood . Everthing under the hood including tubes and clock for about 2 grand Cdn. I also heard he can disable the volume adjust function if you desire.
I love the sound!
Thanks for the does this mean the T200 do not have upsampling?

What exactly do you mean by "hiccup"? Like the song would start playing and no sound will come out for a split second and then it would play again? I don't think mine does that, but i would have to double check.

T200 does not upsample.

Yes, by "hiccup" I mean the player will pause for a second or so, then continue. It's only discernable if you're playing orchestral pieces or something like "Dark Side of the Moon" where the music is continuous from one track to the next.

Thanks! So how come the cheaper T100 have upsampling and the T200 don't? Is it not need?
It strikes me as odd that there are people out there who buy $3000 CD players and don't know whether or not it upsamples
Before spending thousands on internal mods, first change the valves to Western Electic @ around $80-00, Then put it on a floating anti vibration table like the Tabard Tramp or Townsend Sizemic.
I read about Tube Research TRL modding the Shanling. They have a great reputation. Check them out on AA, type in trl shanling.

Best of luck