Shanling STP 80

Ok newbie ? I have the above amp with EL 34 and I would like to give the KT88 a try since they sound nicer and have more of a rich detail bass. I was informed that I need to biased the amp, however, I have no clue as to how to perform that task can anybody show me or explain PLEASE? What are the pro's and con's and will my system suffer?

I contacted shanling numerous times but to no avail! Wow, great customer service :(
Try these sites for explanation.

Although I believe the Shanlings are self biasing, you can adjust the bias (You may have to shave off the collar surrounding the cable exit at the bottom due to the decorative plates on top of the Amp to make good contact) with this tool.
Have you tried just using JT 77. It has better highs and better base than EL34. Easy and cheap modification which I did on mine.