Shanling/Music Hall CD Player repair

Can anybody point me to a good repair shop which can fix a failed display in a Music Hall CD25 player? The player works fine but no display---nothing shows!
Where are you located?
Nashua, NH but can ship anywhere
I like Mitch Singerman in Los Angeles. Honest, good turnaround time if parts are available and also does inexpensive upgrades (you might as well if you are going to keep the player) His number is 310-823-5145
TNX for advice. Mitch says he can't fix Shanling---can't get parts. I have been hounding him for some time but no schematics and no parts so no fix.
Have you contacted Music Hall?
Yes, of course I have contacted Music Hall--that was the first step. They directed me to Mitch.

I think I need an independent shop to fix the VFD. The VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) is a common and generic device or system not unique to Shanling so any competent elektroniker should be able to fix it. A schematic would be a huge help but can't get one.
Doesn't Parts Connextion in Canada modify Music Hall / Shanling players? Perhaps they could direct you to a repair location if they do not do that type of work.
Music Hall can't direct you to a repair facility with parts and schematics to fix their products? Why would anyone buy from them?
Narrod: precisely. Fool me once, etc. I've been there as well with this guy. He won't have my business again.
Please contact Bernard Li at Charisma Audio ( in Canada. They import Shanling and they do have a repair center in Ontario (Draco International).
I have had a problem with my CD-T100 and they fixed it in a timely manner. Bernard is extremely helpful and courteous.
Before that I contacted Music Hall and they did not help at all (providing false information). Also, it took them forever to answer my e-mails. I do like Shanling gear but I'll never do business again with Music Hall.
Best of luck!
Charisma Audio is indeed the Canadian distributor for Shanling. They are a
truly excellent company to deal with. However if Charisma (or perhaps
PartsConnexion) were unable to help, I myself would try the Soundsmith in
Peekskill, NY.

I very much appreciate the suggestions of Charisma and Soundsmith and will follow thru. I want my display to work.

Thoroughly agree on the sound of my Music Hall/Shanling player. It is outstanding. Except for this service problem I would buy a CD 100. If I get the Cd25 fixed I might just change my mind!
Check with Ensemble Music Systems & Home Theater
166 Daniel Webster Hwy Ste 68
Nashua, NH 03060

(603) 888-9777 . Ask for Joe. He used to be the Rotel service manager, but has an independent service shop in Billerica. He has the expertise to fix anything. Saw some $10,000 CD players in his shop being repaired. It is close enough to drive to, no need to go through the hassles of shipping. He did some good work for me on a Shanling SP80 amp that stopped working.

Wow! Right under my nose! TNX for the advice, I'll give Joe a call and see how that works.
Guys the player is fixed! I found Joe and he has done the job.

He's now located at his own place in Milford, NH---Audio Service Labs 603 881 9131