Shanling in Washington D.C. Could it be?

I simply can't stand it any more, I'm about ready to
upgrade my cdp. I've heard Cary, Meridian, Jolida and
they all sound great (maybe even in that order)
But......Shanling is so damn cool looking, especially
compared to the above. I realize what's important here,
but with what Shanling offers; 24/96, HDCD,Tube or SS,
bypass pre. You get the idea. If this thing sounds even
close to the above, isn't it worth a consideration, considering the price?
I think so.. I live in the D.C. metro area, does anyone
in the said area have one I could hear?
Funny but I have been thinking the exact same thing!
I have held back due to reading some negative reports on the sound and as I haven't been able to audition it either.
Please let me know if you hear it.
I live in the Washington D.C. area but it depends on how long you can wait. A group of us are going to China this year and one of the group, who lives in Maryland and close to the beltway, will be buying one.

I went to Philadelphia on a trip and stopped buy a couple of audio stores. One of them had it and I listened to it connected to Consonance amps and Coincident Vistory speakers. Since I have not heard any of this equipment before it was hard to rate how it sounded. If you would like the name of the dealer let me know and I will dig it out.
I heard the newest version SCD-T200 at CES in Vegas. It was amazing. It adds SACD to the package and really sounds good.
I wish I could help you with a demo, I bought one of the modified units, this unit not only looks great but sounds fantastic and it is not even broken in yet. If your ever in the detroit area I would be happy to demo it for you
I own the Shanling CD-T100 (bought it in Canada last June), and I am extremely happy with it (even sold my tube pre-amp). If you are in the Los Angeles area someday, please feel free to contact me for an audition.
Disclaimer: I am a Xindak dealer.

Sorry to add possible confusion to what seems to be a decision already made, but before you go and spend the money on a Shanling T100/T200, you owe it to yourself to check out the Xindak SCD-1 (solid-state output stages) or SCD-2 (tube output stages). We USED to be a Shanling dealer, but then heard the Xindak. 'nuff said.

Not sure if there is a dealer in the D.C. area. Contact Jay Bertrand (the US distributor for Xindak) for your nearest Xindak dealer. His website is:

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
Where in my thread did I invite additional options.
Respectfully, My interest is in seeing and hearing
the Shanling product in the DC area.

No reason to get so defensive, simply trying to point out a cheaper (and better, IMHO) alternative. This is only my opinion, sorry if I offended, certainly not my intention.

The Shanling is a great player and I am sure you will be pleased with it's performance. One bit of advice: Try and audition the Shanling with and without a preamp. If you plan on running the Shanling direct into your amp, unless you have an amp with VERY high gain, you will lose a substantial amount of transient speed and dynamics.

FYI...Shanling really never intended for the preamp section to be used without a preamp (feel free to check this out with Roy Hall, the US Shanling distributor), even though many in the US seem to be using it this way. The Shanling sounded the best to my dad and I when we set the volume of the Shanling to max, and then ran the variable outputs to a preamp. Hope this helps.

Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
Why wouldn't you want to consider additional options???
A troll-like post if ever i saw one.
You didn't offend at all. I've heard the Xindak Scd-1.
As a matter of fact I've pretty much listened to every-
thing in my price range ($1500-$3000) and didn't feel
the Xindak was of the quality of the fore mentioned.
I was alittle offended by hiwaves dribble. You see hiwaves,
the point is Shanling is not available in my area, I figured
with this post I might find someone who has one, and nice
enough to maybe let me see and listen for myself.

I sure like to hear your feedback on how the Shanling Sounded once someone let you heard it in DC. I've hearded in my home and like it better than the Sony Xa777es for Redbook. I'm saving my money up for a Shanling T100
player..:-)...As for the looks, it looks alot prettier in life than in pictures!!!...I can't stop thinking about it..:-)



My previous questioned was intended for Mark and not Mike.


As soon as I hear one, I would be more than happy to e-mail
you my impressions. Kinda want to touch it too.

Thanks Mark,

I'm hoping to hear back from you soon..:-)..


FYI...If you get a chance, listen to the SCD-2. Much different than the SCD-1.

Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio