Shanling DAC 50

Who has purchased one ( Shanling DAC 50 ) and what do you think of the sound?

The review here does not tell much.
i upgrade from the MC-30
it provides a major upgrade to the sound quality.

The music is much more musical and i am hear more from the old CD.
the distributor from Canada is great and the factory guy also jumped in when i have some PC setup problem, just to make sure that the DAC-50 is working properly

the rest of my system is MA6900 and ML Vantage
the DAC-50 is great value, compares to other DAC in the $2500 range..
This piece got my attention based on looks alone. Stunningly beautiful and a nice touch with the volume control and on/off on the dial of the columns. Like to hear more testimonials from those with experience.