Shanling CDT 100 - considering adding a DAC

Shanling CDT 100 - considering adding a DAC:

What are thoughts for a great sub ~$1K unit that will take this player to the next level (without spending exorbitant funds on internal mods)? There are so many out there, and I am a little dubious about the actual gains I could get from this. Also, I'm not too concerned about going for older (5-10 years) to be able to get a bargain. What real advances have been made in DAC technology that relate to their priced going up so much. These things, I ponder.

Please response with opinions and well-informed thoughts!
For a while I ran my T100 with an Apogee DA-1000E-20. To my ears it was a considerable improvement in terms of immediacy, liveliness, speed and detail.

(Of course that begged the question of the transport's contribution to the sound. I discovered this was a big one when later I substituted a dedicated transport for the T100. And then there's the digital interconnect to consider... !)

The DA-1000E is pro recording gear and fairly rare on AudiogoN. You may not find much about it on audiophile sites, but there is a little. As it happens, there is a DA-1000E up for sale here right now.
Thanks for the info. I do have a Denon 3910, that may pair well with a DAC and perhaps better than with the Shanling. I am wanting a noticible improvement right now, but don't want to dish out $5K for a DAC and transport if I can get away with it. AND.. the Shanling just looks too cool not to try and squeeze every bit of sound I can get out of it!
I am not too well read on the technicals, but as I understand it, a reclocking DAC should be less sensitive to the transport than one that relies on the transport's clock. Now, I know there is also much talk about asyncronus vs. syncronus reclockers, and I am completely clueless there, but hopefully, somebody more knowledgable than I will post here. IIRC, PS Audio's latest $1K DAC reclocks, as does the well regarded Lavry ~$1K DAC. In fact, you could sell the Shanling for the price of a decent DAC for your 3910, I think.
If you want to try a DAC, the Apogee DA-1000E will work with either your Denon or your T100. IMHO it is extremely good sonic value, as good as or better than anything else at its ~$600 price. Note that it has a BNC connector for S/PDIF input, and its analog outputs are XLRs. (The output pin configuration can be set using DIP switches inside the case.) It also needs an external power supply (input via a DB-15 computer-style connector) but it's not too picky about voltage, 12-15 VDC will do fine.

If you do get an external DAC, make sure your digital interconnect cable is 1.5 meters long. This will reduce the jitter caused by internal reflections in the cable, and is especially critical if your transport (or DAC) uses RCA connectors, which cannot be made to a 75-ohm impedance value.
You could have it modded, but make sure it is done right.
I had my SACD Shanling seriously modded awhile back and it was well worth the money (i.e. No wishes to further upgrade since then, even after hearing EMMlabs and others first hand).

That being said...I've never been comfortable with the overall build quality/reliability of the Shanling CDP. I've only had one issue, but it still makes me more nervous than any other piece in my system. Thus, it's up to you whether to invest more money in such a piece.

Unfortunately, there are only a few companies that offer true high-end from a CDP without mods. There are virtually none that offer an affordable option. IMHO, you are not likely to be satiated very long with a separate DAC that only offers modest improvements, if any.

I'm not answering your question per-se, but I may be solving your long-term problem. Either save up for serious mods to your CDP or invest in one of the state-of-art CDPs. In the long run, you will actually save more than trying to constantly make modest jumps.

If you just HAVE to add an external DAC right now, try to find one that uses Anagram Technologies. Most DACs that use it sound good.
Lots of compelling reasons to sell the Shanling and move up to a dedicated transport and DAC. The Denon 3910 I have says that it has a really good DAC already, but I'm sure that is just the manufacturer talking. Also, what improvement does the DAC have in a home theatre setup? I'm sure it should be noticible all around.