shanling cd-t100 vs. cd-t200

I was wondering if moving up to the 200 was worth the extra money. Has anyone compared the two.What are the differences? I only play redbook cds. Also do these players have any problems playing cdrs
system:aragon 4004 amp or classe 10amp,24k pre,altec horns
I have the cd-t100. IMO if you are not going to play SACD's, then you don't need the 200. That's about the only difference. On the CD-R question, I do have some issues with CD-R's playing properly on the 100, but I think that is because I was using my computer's CD burner and not the Shanling. I have purchased a HHB CD Recorder and will try that. The computer-burned cd's play, but you have to sometimes hit the skip button to get to the next track.
Joeylawn36111, what speed did you use when you burned your CD-Rs on your computer? Single speed? Double? More? I never had difficulty playing single and double-speed CD-Rs on my T100 but any faster than that and problems tended to crop up.
Tobias - Full speed. That's probably why it does that. But since I bought the HHB CDR-830, I will be using that for recording - have not used it yet - got to start that learning curve ;)