Shanling CD S-100 vs: Music Hall CD25

Ok.. maybe someone can clear the confusion on these two players. To me they are identical, yet the Music Hall is selling for $600 US, and the Shanling CD S-100 is available for $650 CDN, ummm last time I checked this works to roughly $411 US.
I got my Shanling from the Harmonia Audio website, and found them to be really great to deal with. It's a great CD player for the money. Very clear and focused sounding.
Just don't expect it to be a Levinson killer, but it works wonderfully in my second system.
Music Hall is the North American Importer of Shanling.Both built in Same Chinese Factory.Lickly are same unit.
I have been doing some scouting and also seem to think that its the same CDP made by the same factory in China. Actually, if one was to import it from China direct, it may be still cheaper.

Do you by any chance find the CD S-100 to be a bit laid back?
Small corrections. Music Hall is the USA importer, not North American, of Shanling. Shanling has a seperate Canadian distributor which sell the CD S-100 at CDN650.00 or USD411.00. If they are the same unit, why is the CD25 sell for more than USD150.00 than the CD S-100. Just for a name?
Just a little reminder, all Chinese industry is state owned. China is a communist country. They use slave labor, which is sucking jobs out of America. Their stated goal is the destruction of the US. They have threatened to nuke LA at least 3 times in the last several years. They've bought their way into our corrupt Congress and stolen our national security secrets. They are arming and supporting the Al Queda terrorists who killed thousands of our people. Do you really want to give them your money? How about buying a nice American made CD player?
Bigpoppakrell, where can you buy a CD S-100 for $650 CDN? I am very interested in this unit.
Because the Canadian Distrubutor wants to make a fair profit.
The US distributor figures Americans will pay more for less.

Same Chinese Factory same product.Go Figure.

A year ago before the US distributor got Involvd the Shanling Tube CD player was 1000.00 US Its 1995.00.

That should give you some perspective.

Buy North American made products.

They are the same unit and Music Hall has the rights in the US. I suppose that's why a Canadian distributor decided to sell the Shanling player with a lower mark-up...they want to get some of the Music Hall business. Those Chinese are quite the capitalist pigs for a buncha communists, don't ya think? :-)
i agree with twl. try to avoid buying anything from mainland china, if not you better buy a chinese phrasebook.

Wow, all Chinese industry is state owned? I didn't know that. I thought it only happen 50 years ago. :) No wonder people tell me not to believe anything on the Internet.

And someone is saying "...Those Chinese are quite the capitalist pigs for a buncha communists, don't ya think?"

Confusing information.

The bottom line is the Music Hall CD25 IS the same as the Shanling CD S-100. Shall we let the consumers decide which way they would like to go?

Sorry to being nosy, but I know sell Shanling at CDN650.00.

I have heard the CD S-100. It's a damm good CDP for CDN650.00. It's simply silly to pay more if you can pay less for the same. That's why Wal-Mart exist.
What's the website of the Canadian Distributor?