Shania Twain Best of... WOW I have always

been a diehard rocker but liked a couple of her videos. So when c.c. put it on sale I thought it would be worth it for the 2 or 3 songs that I liked. I am completely blown away but this CD! It has been a long time since any music has moved me like this did. I was tapping my feet, shakin my booty and boogying around the room like I used to ! I have lately been on a quest to upgrade my system because I was bored with what I was hearing, all of my rock favorites ! I can't understand it. Have I gone over to the other side (country)?!?
I would like some recommendations for other music that would be similar to this. Not necessarily a Shania clone.
I think that it is the whole package ie. singer, writer and instrumentals rather than just her voice. Although I am partial to female vocalists.
Thank you.

Although I'm certainly no fan of C&W Shania has done a nice job of "crossing over" and making the style more mainstream. She has a great voice and a terrific producer (her husband, Mutt Lang). I saw Shania in concert a few years back; the people I was with were really enjoying the music, I had my eyes glued to the binoculars.
Ever seen their home in Switzerland? Crikey! What a gorgeous place!!!
Try Big & Rich's "Horse of a Different Color."

Regards, Rich
Ya, Mutt is a lucky dog !

Thanks Rich, I'll take a listen. Would the "Rich" in the group be you ?
You should also pick up Shanias' "Come On Over" & "Up", many more great songs on thoses cds.

The Twain/Lang comb seems to have a gift for making great music. I'v been a fan of R. J. "Mutt" Lang since his work in the "80's" with Def Leppard & AC/DC.

If you like the pop/rock/country thing with Shania you should check out Sons Of The Desert "Change" and The Great Divide "Revolutions". But be careful, once you get that twang under your skin, before you know it you'll be geekin' for Alan Jackson and George Strait. It happened to me and I'm glad it did. Country music has a lot of great stuff to offer. And the production/engineering values of many of the cds are top notch. So they have the added advantage of sounding great on your system.

I don't know how it is on CD because I have only heard it on vinyl but the Dixie Chicks-Down Home release sounds pretty good. You might try some Allison Krause if you haven't yet.
Sorry, but Shania's music always sounds way over produced, unspontaneous, and sometimes more than a little forced - just the opposite of Allison's stuff. I think an executive from Twain's record label said it best a few months ago: "We've got a great product here with Shania!"
Hey Tomryan,

I assume you are refereing to my comment about "the Twain/Lang combo seems to have a gift for making great music" line. I meant they have a talent for making music with catchy hooks and melodies. And IMHO it is great music for what it is. You are correct, the production/engineering on Shania albums pretty much sucks. And as you mention the AKUS albums are very well recorded. In fact they may well be the epitome of great production/engineering values. In general though I have found most current country music albums are well recorded. Thought I'd clear that up.