Shang Ya ShangYa speakers - any good?

Someone about 100 miles from me is selling a pair of Shang Ya speakers. I currently own a pair of Dunlavy SCIIs and a pair of Soliloquys, but thought the Shang Yas might be a "surprise" value. Don't want to drive all the way for a listen if they're junk though! I know Shang Ya electronics are badged as Vincent in England, and enjoy a pretty good reputation, but don't know whether that translates to their speakers as well. Any and all thoughts welcome! Regards, Balthus

Here's the info provided by the seller:

1. Frequency Response...........30Hz-23kHz±3dB
2. Impedance....................4 Ohm
3. Rated Power..................20W-350W
4. Dimension....................23" x 52.5" x 21"

Tweeter: Vifa 25TG15. Pre-coated textile diaphragm for improved consistence; Dampen cavity in pole for lower resonance frequency and reduced distortion; Ferro fluid cooled for higher power handling; Optimized face plate for linear frequency response.

Mid-woofer: Vifa 18WG49. Coated paper cones, low-loss suspensions, non-resonant rubber surrounds, and advanced fiber-reinforced polymer chassis. The combination of these advanced technologies produces a resonance-free woofer with smooth and extended frequency response as well as good roll-off characteristics.

Bass driver: 10" Swan (Hifi). Light and extremely rigid cone made from Kevlar/paper composite; High loss rubber surround; High power handling aluminum former voice coil; Long-throw motor system with extended linear excursion capability; High-density aluminum die-cast basket.

In additional to a well design 2nd order crossover, the use of high quality drivers and crossover components is the key of this successful masterpiece. The unique cabinet design and quality finishing further differentiates them from others.
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Tought to say. I have Chinese amp, CDP and stands in my main system. And you do generally get something that will perform with items costing 3-4X the cost.

However the same does not hold true with Chinese speakers. Some offer terrific value some only ok.

Andy at deals exclusively in Chinese audio. I don't want to put words in his mouth. However from what I gather they must be taken on a individual basis.

Some are steallar values some only ok. Only way to know for sure will be to listen.