Shall we keep or sell our NAD 3150?

We've come across a NAD 3150 amp and are pondering whether to keep or sell it. Does anyone rave about them? Any experiences will be gratefully read about. Thanks.
Hi Esther. The 3150 is a nice unit from everything I've read and judging from other NAD's I've heard. It's worth about $150 -- though it can show up for less. You may want to check to see how old it is, but it could be 20 years old -- that means that, to sound as it once did, some capacitors might have to be changed out. But even if it doesn't sound as good as it once did, if the NAD sounds good to you now, keep and enjoy it. For that kind of money, it would be hard to find something a lot better.

Here's a link to a thread on some used equipment that you might find helpful:
I had one for quite a while, nice budget unit with lots of "balls". Try to find another cheap and then run 'em in bridge mode, the step up in power output is amazing.