Shall I mod my Sony DVPS7700 or buy a DAC?

Hi All,

I have recently upgraded my amplifier and seen a dramtic improvement. Now I wonder if I should mod my dvd player (sony dvps 7700 used as cd player) or buy a separate DAC(like the Monarchy 18b DAC auctioned on this site) or even a cd player. I am budget buyer and want to know how to maximize my investment (<$1000). I would highly appreciate any suggestions. My system is composed of paradigm studio 60v2, creek audio 5350se integrated amp. Thanks!
Maybe you should sell the 7700, and buy the Sony DVP-90000ES. It don't need no stinkin' DAC, just get very good cables and break that sucker in for a L O N G time. It withstands comparison to the best CD players with or without DAC's. I listen to a Forsell Air Transport through DCS upsampling frequently, and would trust the 9000ES to give me 97-101% of what that rig offers, at 10% of the cost.
Though many people have done the mods,with excellent results,beware you will void your warrantee and possibly the resale value on the piece.Personally, I have opted for a better DAC and cables.Though the 9000ES is a nice piece it is not in the same league as a 777es.
Satto, there have been a few threads where some of Audiogon's most experienced members carefully compared the 777ES and the 9000ES in a variety of high end listening tests. They concluded that both had strong and weak points when compared, and the 9000ES was the winner by a TKO. I know the 777 is built like a tank, but few people get the oportunity to compare two pieces extensively on the same system, and in this case the 9000 more than held its own.