Shakti Stone/Online Near Pentium CPU's

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thank you for responding to my previous post ("I'm there" vs. "They are here").

I have another curiosity. If you look through this site, then you'll see the ad for a Shakti Online by Twin Audio Video. It is saything that placed near a automotive CPU, the Online can produce a horsepower increase.

Then, could it have a same positive effect placed near a computer CPU? Furthermore, a computer motherboard is full of processor chips other than the CPU. Would these benefit from Stone/Online?

Has anyone thought of/performed this tweak?

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I have not tried this, but having been in the computer industry for 25 years I know that most everything on your motherboard, especially the CPU is clocked. Even if the Shakti stone could improve the performance of the circuitry, someone would have to mechanically change the clock speed to test it.
There will be no benefit at all placing one of these things near a CPU, but quite possibly problems if too close to the hard drive or other storage device. If the Shataki is magnetized in any way or emits any other kind of radiative wave, it can adversly affect the hard drive and serve to erase all your data in extreme cases! It could also interfer with your CRT monitor if too close.

The only benefit I can see, is that the Shataki may dampen vibrations from the noisy fans in the power supply and case -- this is one problems that Dell, et. al., could learn solutions from the audio crowd -- most computer vibrate too much and use cheap $2 fans that are very noisy.

Fixing a $2 fan with a $200 Shitaki is not very cost effective -- just go buy a quiter aftermarket power supply and case fan. ($120 for a good power supply.)That will do wonders for your sanity, as many people, myself included, put up with far too noisy computers. This is ironic in that I'm so neurotic over the slightest bit of tube noise or, God forbid, an unknown pop or click and didn't hesitate to spend big bucks for Bybee filters, PS300, etc. etc.

As for getting more speed from your system -- there are many books and mags devoted to just that. Most DIY hardware solutions involve overclocking, which can destabilize the system or cause it to run too hot. The best system optimization solutions are to simply fine-tune your OS, as most Windows and Mac systems are rarely setup correctly (they have too many programs in the start tray, a fragmented HD or other problems that cause the OS to run much slower than they are capable of). And if you have less than 128 MB RAM, buy some more --RAM is very cheap now.

Sorry for the transgression into the unholy world of computers, hopefully this will stop you from spending money foolishly. --Lorne
Shakti stones and on-lines have been used by the Honda Factory on their 600cc road race motorcycles, for the last several years. (I haven't tried it on the family truckster yet)

You may have something with using in conjunction with computer CPU's. Does anyone have these sitting around to give it a try?
For what a Shakti Stone costs, you can buy a faster CPU. MG123 is correct about clocking. for $200 clams you could buy a P4 1ghz motor - SUPERCHARGER