Shakti Stone On-lines

Wondering if anyone has tried these on their cables and am interested in results or lack thereof.

Please no rants and no responses if you have no experience with these one way or another. I realize that these have been controversial.
Never had good results from the on-lines but the Shakti stones do work. YMMV
Agree with Sksos1, the Shakti Stones worked for me, not so much the on-lines.
On Lines work good on a CDP with a captive power cord.

I use one on my Sony W222ES CDR recorder. I can hear a difference in a recorded CDR with and without the On Line on the power cord.

I was just about ready to get rid of the Sony because the copies made on it sounded cold and sterile lacking depth.

The On Line makes the copy sound more analog sounding when played on my Arcam Alpha 9 CDP.

Placement of the On Lines on the power cord is at the equipment end.