Shakti Hallograph Sound Field Optimizer

Has anybody personally experienced this "accessory" - The Shakti Hallograph Sound Field Optimizer? I am really intrigued but skeptical given the price point. Any guidance would be appreciated.
I will go this far to say that anything you place in a room will effect sound. Placing plants,glass bottle collection,Lps and Cds and even a ceiling fan all make a difference. For the price Shatki is going for. I believe good acoustic treatment is a far better investment.And proved to work in all rooms.
The Hallographs can make a noticeable and positive difference, depending on your room. Three other members of our local audio group tried these in their rooms and did not hear any difference, then they came to our listening room where we did hear an improvement. My comments on what we heard here are posted here:
Schipo is right. I borrowed a pair and gave them back after using one then both, moving them around. It took about ten minutes to realize that (especially at their price) they are a ripoff. Room treatments work better and are alot less in cost.
I use them and find they do a wonderful job but yes they are pricey. I've told dozen of customers to go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy one of those rose trestle (3 or 4 fingers made of cheap wood) and make a wooden base and place one in each corner of the room. All these do is break up sound waves to smooth out your room response, yes the Shakti device looks like a piece of art but for $12 you can have the same benefit.

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.... the sound of one pair of Hallograph is salubrious, exquisite, stunning, glorious and dazzling and the sound of another pair is superlative, smashing, magnificent, superb and impeccable...but it can be improved dramatically, when a Vibraplane is below airy...this nailed "nothing" focussed in the soundstage must be heard to believe.
From what I understood from talking with the maker, speaker type can make a difference too. Boxed monopoles are OK. Dipole types, not so much...
I have a pair that I used in a sound treated room of atypical configuration with Avantgarde Trios. They made an audible improvement. I relocated them to a second home with a medium sized traditional rectangular shape and highly modified Klipsch Belles. This room was not sound treated. I could not hear a difference in the second room and system. All said from my experience, the improvements are highly variable and a function of the room and speakers.
I've now tried them in a sound treated room and did not hear a difference. My uneducated assessment is that they function as a front wall diffusor, so of limited impact in a treated room. Consider using the $ for a few sound panels, e.g., GIK bass traps, absorption panels, and QRD reflectors for the corners, 1st reflections points, and rear wall respectively. They will be the same price.

Wonderful improvement in depth,imaging and bass.

I have two pair of the Shakti Hallograghs in my room. The first pair went in the corners behind the speaker. This provided a DRAMATIC improvement in all parameters .. all the areas we like. When taken out of the system, the soundstage collapses and the music sounds way less real. 

The second pair resides behind the listening position, spread out by abut 12 feet. This added another 20-30% improvement over the effects listed above.

Are they a ripoff as one poster above said? Well, they are of a flimsey build. They are easy to knock over. When you knock them over, they break ... so keep the Gorilla Glue handy. Based upon what they actually do for sound of my system, I'd say they're worth the money. I certainly wouldn't want to be without them. I wouldn't want to pay full price though. Bought mine as demos and prototypes and saved a ton.