Shahinian Obelisk Overhaul: burn-in period?

Hello to all fellow audiogoners!

I understand there are quite a few Shahinian owners here. I also saw some posts of the owners who had sent theirs to the manufacturer for an overhaul: bass driver replacement, midrange, tweeters, crossovers, etc.

I haven't had any Shahinian experience before getting my pair. So far, after two weeks of constant playback, they have indeed improved, but I still am not happy with their sound.

How long does it usually take for these speakers (with new polypropilene woofers) to burn-in?

Thanks for your advice.
Play organ music Lp or cd as much as possible also classical this will help.
Why worry now...they're improving. Just listen and enjoy without criticism.
Thanks. When I can, I use a Tara Labs burn-in CD, but the changes are so gradual it scares me.

I am struggling to enjoy without criticism, but at this stage it is not happening (unfortunately).

My question was HOW LONG, as I thought this should happen much faster.

It can be a long time--I've seen reports of up to six months (try googling Shahinian speaker burn in to see some reports). But as an owner of Diapasons--and previously Obelisks---I think it's worth it in the end.

You don't say what's wrong with the sound, and I can't see your system, but another point to bear in mind is that the amplifier is critical---it needs to have high current and damping factor to control the drivers.

Finally, if your concerns persist I would call Vasken Shahinian and ask his advice directly. He's not always easy to get hold of, but he's very approachable when you do.


Give me a call at 415 868-2103. I have replaced midranges and tweeters on a pair of Shahinian Hawks several times and will be happy to share my thoughts at length by phone. --Richard
It's a Hegel H300 amp, specs are here:

The sound is very schematical to my ears, I am mudding the overtones, instrument separation and ease of performance, especially with large orchestras, and especially at higher volumes. By "higher" I mean 50-60% loudness, higher volume is bearly bearable.

I am out of town, will do my best to call you over this weekend, between 11am and 2pm, is this OK? And thanks for offering!
Mudding=missing in my previous post. T9 on mobile services is tricky at times. ..
After noon on Saturday or anytime Sunday works for me.
Services= devices. Arrrrr ((
JA-ZZ Here's a link to some information you should find encouraging.
Thanks! I do appreciate your involvment )