Shahinian Lovers

I spoke with Richard yesterday. I found out that the new pair of Diapasons which I just ordered will incorporate re-designed double eagle subwoofers. My understanding is that the subwoofers cabinets will be slightly larger. In general, they will be a combination of two Hawk subwoofers. He said the new subwoofers have deeper bass and improved attack and punch. If you have heard these before, you know the bass was awesome before the improvement.
Where did you order from?
What was the price?
Is there an audition/return policy?
1. Ordered from Shahinian directly
2. $12,000 in standard oak
3. Don't know about audition return policy. I know you can hear them at there shop in New York. I owned a pair previously so auditioning is not a concern of mine. I can tell you they are the best loudspeakers I have ever heard.