Shahinian Double Eagle Subwoofer Driver Question

I have two Double Eagle's (the bottom part of the Diapson setup) and I am trying to find current driver and radiator information on them. I have the original drivers in them that are American made and I know they have since switched to SEAS drivers but for the life of me cannot figure out which ones. Any help is appreaciated.
Call Shahinian. Vasken or Richard will help you
I have personally met Richard Shahinian (back in the ninety's) and spent some time at his workshop in N.Y. So, the bad news first, he hand builds the 8" drivers in house from various custom and pre-ordered parts. Same goes for the 10" passive radiators, which are specifically weighted to the 8" drivers. I can tell you the man knows what he is doing as he demonstrated what 5 hertz really does!!! From 8" drivers!!!! The above comment to call Richard or Vasken is probably you're only option, but hey, that's the price you pay for near perfection.

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