Shahinian Diapasons-in the Midwest ?

I am interested in listening to these speakers. I have not heard Shahinian speakers for many years but was impressed in the past regarding them. I would love to hear their top of the line Diapasons. If anyone could afford me the opportunity to listen to these speakers it would be sincerely appreciated. I am in Chicago but do travel throughout the midwest as well as New York. Bob
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I'd love to hear the Diapasons too. I fell in love with my friend's Hawk's. I haven't heard anything else that comes close to creating such a spectacular sense of spaciousness. fwiw, I'm in the Bay area.
I am willing to travel to hear these. Does anyone know of a pair of these that can be heard? Bob
I do believe you are SOL, as far as I know there aren't any listening rooms available for those. I must say from my personal experience they are definitely worth any trouble to get your hands on them.
Synesthesia Studios
I auditioned Shahinians at St. Louis Stereo -- oddly enough, located in St. Louis, abt. 4 hours from you.. The webpage was wonky on my browser when I checked, but their Tel. is: (314) 489-0090.

Nice folks and some good lines.