Shahinian Diapason

Hi guys !
Is anybody knows what type of drivers they use for the Shahinian Diapason module and woofers ? I mean for the new version ?
Why don't you ask Shahinian Acoustics?
I'll bet they know.
Why ? Because they want to replace it ! So why you pay for extra money for that ? I can do that ! The last time I sent a message to Vasken for ; how much cost it to replace everything ? and he does`t give me an answer ! When you take out the bass driver from the Obelisk you can`t see what type is that just this ( Made in Norway ! ) Ok ,but what type right ?? Anyway thank you for your comment .
It's obviously a Seas driver. I bet you'll get more information from Vasken if you call him rather than email. My friend Rpfef has talked to them a number of times and was able to get the model number for his Hawk woofer. Email is easy to ignore. You might have better luck with phone.
I own Diapasons and live about 40 minutes from Shahinan. A few years back one of the woofer drivers blew from DC leakage. My Diapasons are the current larger version. Anyway, I brought the speaker to Shahinian and and his worker removed the driver. The current SEAS driver was just slightly different from the damaged driver and required a minor modification. In my case, I would have not been able to fit the new driver in w/o doing some woodwork first.
Thank you guys !