Shahinian and Ohm

Wondering if anyone who has compared these two or something similiar to the Ohm could share their experiences. Thanks.
the ohm is generally regarded, even in more traditional audiophile circles as a great allrounder,though its more of a music lover's speaker. the shahinian speakers are a bit more polarizing, when it comes to opinions. if you are on 'somewhat' of a budget, and your tastes in music are all over the place, i can't imagine the ohm not being a solid choice. lots of classical music enthusiasts however flip over shahinian..more money too, though...both are a departure from the norm, and once you go there, you rarely come back, unless you enjoyed the merry-go-round in the first place. this is pretty much true for the other omni or reflective designs as most reflective or omni designs, from the mbl(a white collar omni),to the controversial but industructable bose 901, they do love lots of clean power.....a ps, the new line of mirage speakers is a valid allrounder as well....have fun, its a different world......knowing what you already listen to, and what you feel they lack is helpful may already be there, and just need to tweek a bit.
Very helpful, thank you.
I am going to order a pair of 100 S3's and was wondering how much power they need and any amp recommendations?
I am going to order a pair of 100 S3's and was wondering how much power they need and any amp recommendations(ss)?
I have owned a set of 100 M3 (in M2 cabinets) for 2 1/2 years. In a smalish room 60w RMS is "adequate". They like current, clean of course. I would like to double that. Their rated for 150 max.\

They sound wonderful!
mapman has had a lot of ohm experience, but i'll say any decent amp around a 100 watts will be more than enough power for the 100......the ohm is pretty incredible.
100 watts/ch should work well.

Go for high current, doubling as much as possible from 8 to 4 and 2 ohms for better results and a low end with more weight and balance at lower to moderate listening volumes though.

I've successfully used my 100s with the 70ish watt Prima Luna monos, but prefer my ARC VT130SE which is app 120 watts per. My room is large (app 23' X 14' X 17' ceilings, with a large open space behind the listening position) and I do go pretty loud on occasion. OTOH, I use subs which reduce the main amp's workload. Overall, I'd say 100+ watts is a good idea, but you can certainly get by with less in most rooms.

BTW Shahinian and OHM are both omnidirectional but the drivers and design approach are very different. I think I recall Shahinian uses multiple drivers with variying orientation for a particular frequency range while OHM uses a single omnidirectional Walsh driver for most of the frequency range. A lot of the "coherency" from top to bottom with the OHMs is inherent in the single Walsh driver design approach.

I have a pair of 100 S3's that are still relatively new. They are still far from broken in but sound very sweet as they are.

I'm driving them with a Unison Unico 80 Watt/Channel hybrid integrated amp (tubes in the preamp section, solid state in the power section).

My listening room is relatively small, around 12 x 16 with an 8 foot ceiling. The 100's in this room will go far louder than I can tolerate for normal listening with the volume knob on the Unico nowhere near 50%. And bass is plentiful.

Of course, with no other amps to compare it too, I can't tell you how the sound might improve with more watts and/or current to throw at them, but for what it's worth, John at Ohm told me before I ordered the that 80 watts/channel would do just fine. Consider giving him a call, he's very pleasant and helpful.
I've had 100 S3s for about 5 months now, in a 12x15x7.5 room. I'm perfectly satisfied driving them with a Cayin TA-30, which is rated as 35wpc of tube power. When I get the chance to blast them I can't go past noon on the volume control.