Shahinian Acoustics Loudspeakers

You dont hear much about these. Can anyone comment or know a dealer? Thanks Emil
The Record Shop of Cherry Hill,NJ sells and has sold Shahinian speakers for at least 20 years and has several models on display.They are in the 856 area code--try info for the no. Ask for Gene Cavanaugh,because he is most familiar with the line.
i have owned a pair of obelisk for 20 years. since then i have owned 5 other speakers in various systems. i will always keep the obelisk. the are smooth yet detailed. not the lowest bass reproduction but tight.i am currently using them in a bedroom system with a small tubed amp.actually it's may favorite place to listen. obelisk can be had at a very reasonable price. best of luck
I had a pair of Obelisks for over five years, and traded up to ProAc 2.5's. I have two observations. First, the biggest difference between the Obelisks and the ProAc's is that the Obelisk's woofer is slower, which affects bass transient response. From the lower midrange up, however, the Obelisk is (IMHO) equal to the ProAc. Second, because of the multiple driver array and configuration, positioning the Obelisks to achieve an integrated and tonally accurate soundstage requires a LOT of time and experimentation. Still, if you take the time, this is a wonderful speaker. I really enjoyed them, and (with the aforementioned caveats) can highly recommend them.
I disagree with Jharrell. It is precisely because of the multiple driver array and configuration that positioning the Obelisks to achieve an integrated and tonally accurate soundstage requires LESS time and experimentation. Shahinian Obelisks and Diapasons are multi-directional. Their unique sound is closer to electrostatics than anything I have ever heard. But the Shahinians are much more dynamic than electrostatics. In fact, I sold my Quad ESL 63's after hearing the obelisks. After spending some time with Shahinian speakers, no other speaker system compares with their spacious reproduction of music. By the way, they just put up a web site...
I own a pair of arc's do your self a favour and have a listen. The electronics is the key i drive mine with Bedini power amp and tube pre amp beautiful!!.Over in Britan they are usally drive them with Naim Audio mono blocks, so i took mine to a Naim dealer for a audition but were quite bland using Naim as 70 watts that the mono blocks are is not enough to get the bass and dynamics going, you could in the States pick up a second hand bedini fairly cheap, thats the way to go. Regards.