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I am interested in the Shahinian Diapason Ensemble speakers. Could you be so kind as to give me your opinion if you know them ? I have a Plinius SA-REFERENCE amplifier.
Also, do you know what is the US retail price of the 2006 version (mkII0 ? In France it is extremely pricy at 23000 euros.
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Aurel, I own these speakers, although my version is about 14 years old. I've heard many good speakers over my years in the hobby - Vandersteens, Thiels, Apogees, Dunlavys, Kefs, Martin Logans, Wilsons, and on and on. The bottom line is that I still own the Diapasons and would not trade them for the world. My listening tastes are very wide: jazz, classical (symphonic and ensemble), vocal, rock, even country (although not much). There may be some speakers that do certain things better than the Diapasons, but I have not run across any in its price range that can do everything as well as it does. Soundstaging, frequency extremes, the texture of the music, clarity, speed. I could say all these things but the real thing about them is that they provide among the most enjoyable musical experiences I've ever heard from a system.

I'm not sure of the 2006 cost. I know that in EU Shahinians are available in high end audio stores (unlike in the USA). If you wanted a USA price on these you would probably have to contact Shahinian direct.

BTW, they are a great match with Plinius amps.
If you are in Europe, you may want to try Gradient Revolutions, which I think have a similar presentation as the Shahinian, the price- performance ratio might be better by buying a European speaker rather than importing.
the price for new Diapasons in the US is 16,500$. If you take a look around for a few months, you might pick up a used pair for anywhere between 5- and 10,000 $, and import it to Europe. Thats what I did with my pair of Diapasons, which I got flown from LA via Frankfurt to Moscow (for a cheap 850 $, at that time).
The Plinius amp you own is perfect for use with Shahinian´s, as far as the speaker is concerned, I agree with tonyptony. I own my pair for 4 years now ( as well as Obelisks), have listened to a lot of other speakers, and would not trade them. The Gradient are fine speakers, but not in the class of the Diapasons. Alternatives would be MBLs, German Physiks
You will find more on the Diapasons when searching the archives here, on
and on, serching for shahinian
Thanks ! The comparison with the DUEVEL Jupiter in interesting. ( ). In the US the Duevel are 10 k$ more expensive ( and considered as better than the Diapason in one review I have read : ), whereas here in France they are 6 kE LESS expensive !

I can even say something funny : in France, with a good discount you can touch the Focal Nova Utopia Be at 23.5 kE. This is exactly the best price of for Diapason in France. In the US, the Diapason are ~ 15 k$ and the Nova Utopia ~ .... 38 k$ !!!!!!!

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Hello Aurel, I live in Germany, and I own a pair of new Diapason ensembles (2007), in rare Makassar finish. I use it with two Plinius SA Reference amps in Bi Amping mode and with other Plinius components (CD, Preamplifier, etc.), mostly in Class AB sometimes in Class A, blows you away, believe me. I owned an older, wonderful pair in Brazilian Rosewood a few times ago, and what I can say is, that the new versions are incredible better, in any case, than older versions. They work gorgeous with Plinius SA Reference. The price in Germany for regular, for example cherry furniture/ finish is 23000 Euro, for special furnitures a bit more (Makassar 26500 Euro). I have some pics if you want, or if you have more questions, simply contact me. Kind regards
For the record, I talked with Vasken today. I had heard rumors about a new upper Diapason module - he said that wasn't true. He said they hadn't made the Diapason in a little while but were going back into production (I hope I'm not misquoting him). Everything they can make goes to Europe but they're trying to increase production a little without sacrificing quality. So I don't know what old vs new Diapasons means. I'm having serious reservations about keeping the pair I have up for sale now.
Hello Samcclark
The "newer" Diapasons have bigger Double Eagles (1 Woofer is as big as 2 Hawk-Woofers). The older Diapason-Double Eagle Bass-Woofers were a little smaller. Regards