Shaftesbury Reel to Reel

just wondering if anyone can help, recently acquired a shaftesbury reel to reel. 
I have looked everyone online to get some information regarding it, looking to see what year it was produced and a price point for it. 
there’s only one iv seen online in a youtube video that was put up 6 years ago but nothing else.
hope someone can help :) 
Looks like the one my neighbor had in the 50's.
Any value be might be to a hollywood prop dept.
Tubed, mono, AM radio SQ.
LOL They made 5.. Total.. parts are scarce.. That would be something..

I never thought about that.. Props for movie sets an stuff. I bet there is pretty good money in some of it..

I use to like junkin.. kind of fun really. As I look out over all the crap in my work room.. Mercy..

Got rid of a 51 PU and 31 Ford.. Good by, Good Riddance.. Gave them to my great nephews. Now that barge I been keepin stashed from the wife for the last 30 years.. 15 cars parked on it.. :-)

I'll take a Rolls Royce, chauffeur please...
So are you saying they only made 5 of these? i’m just unsure where to sell it without much info about it, can put some pics up if interested