Shaft Style Car Radio

No one makes a good shaft style car radio these days from what I have seen. My 1982 Rolls Royce came with a Blaukpunt which is complete garbage. I want a better radio but do not want to cut up the dash in an original 21,000 mile car. I just do not understand that no one makes a good shaft style radio because there are so many people with antique and vintage cars that spend money on this hobby and they do not want to cut up the dashes of their cars.

What would be a good shaft style radio for me to acquire?

I was thinking of the Nakamichi TD-1200, TD-1200 II, ot TD-1200SE. What are the differnces between these 3 models?

Will any of these control a CD changer?

Did McIntosh Labs do any shaft style radios?
Wow a Rolls Royce!!! Sorry I can't help you, but what model Rolls and can you perhaps post a picture? If you can't tell I'm jealous and drooling!!
I just did a quick search on Ebay/Google and found some Audiovox, JC, Alpine, and Kenwood
There is a company that makes replacement radios for classic cars that look like old style AM/FM radios that the car came with. The face plate pops down and you have a cd player. The beauty of these is they fit in the exact holes of the old radio and even have the branding and everything. My buddie has a '56 nomad and you would swear it only has an AM radio by looking at it and low and behold it plays FM and CD's.
Can't remember the name of the company that sell this stuff but search the web for classic car radios maybe that will help. There maybe an ad in Hemmings Motor News as well.
I have a Yamaha am/fm cass pre outs you can have for 20 bucks. I found it at a swap meet years ago and never put it in my rod, its missing a small preset selector boot.
By shaft do you mean with 2 knobs? if so, McIntosh makes some...they control CD changers too
McIntosh and Rolls Royce...yep...classic pair.

I have seen some of the new shaft style radios that are chrome and look like they are for an old car. The problem is that they are garbage, they are mostly based on cheap Kenwood models.

Another nice radio I saw is Joe's classic car radio. He puts a modern unit in the case of your old radio.

I wanted an older high end vintage radio. I just needed to know how good the older Alpines are or Nakamichis and which models to look at.
McIntosh seems a pefect fit.
I agree.
Driving a Rolls Royce you should not go for less than the McIntosh MX406, MCD4000 and MDA5000.
And for fun put that blue McIntosh glow in your Rolls by adding the MPM4000.
Did the Rolls however make you see the bottom of your moneypitt you can always go for the Clarion HX-D2.
Have fun in your Rolls.
td 1200se has digital input for cd changer. control of changer will be independent, eg remote. td 1200se was originally paired with nakamichi cdc 101, 10 stacker based on sony unit. this has optical output for use with outboard dac for best results. good choice for quality sound system.
mike in nz
TD-1200 was the first generation TD-1200
TD-1200 mk II corrected some of the 1200 issues -- cannot remember what they were, but the 1200 mk II is prefered.
TD-1200SE as indicated in an earlier thread has an Aux input and reported better preamp section. All these decks show up from time to time on Ebay, but be forewarned that they are all now in the 20 year old range and were finicky when they were brand new, even. They are definitely a piece for the enthusiast. The FM was not very good, but the cassette section was fantastic.