shadows in picture on a lcd tv ?

my mother has a samsung 46" lcd, its about 3 years old, I noticed that the picture have shadows , they are on the left and right side of the tv, both are about 1" by 5 " long, could this be the bulb going up, or is indicitive of another problem, thanks
There might be lint on the lens. Some rear projection tvs have access panels on the sides. If it does, you can take one off and look in while the picture is on. If that's the problem it can be cleaned with a vacuum or lens cloth. Be careful!
Its LCD not rear projection if I read correctly, may be time to explore a new one. They just dont make things like the old days.
If it is an LCD and not a RPTV you may want to look at as the knowledge of video is far more complete compared to this site more focused on audio.
It has a bulb?