Sgt. Pepper's. remastered Mobile Fidelity

A few years ago, I bought directly from a Japanese internet service a remastered Mobile Fidelity CD of the Beatles "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Hoping for a better sounding CD of the original, I paid more money than I should. My first hearing of the CD sounded a bit bright, but very listenable.

However, today, I replayed the same CD on my downsized system in which only the speakers have been downsized in height weight and quality. I have a Rogue hybrid integrated amp of 100RMS and a fully upgraded Ayre CX-7e mp CD player which is outstanding. My newly acquired speakers are the Golden Ear Technology model 7 which received raved reviews at 2012 CES. The speaker cable is Grover Huffman.

I was shocked at how bad the CD sounded, that is. jagged and screechy highs, especially at certain crescendos I wondered if I had made a huge mistake in buying the GET speaker, or the combo of other components was just not for this speaker. Or simply, even though a remastered MF copy, pressed in Japan, that maybe the recording sounded bad because of its age, and the recording techniques used in 1967.

I wonder if there is a first class CD reissue of this masterpiece available beside the original vinyl issue which I used to own. BTW, the speakers sounded fine yesterday on a Procul Harum reissue celebrating their 40th anniversity. ( Cover sleeve is pink with a ghostly figure of a woman in the foreground) PH was a great band far ahead of its time.

Any and all suggestions welcomed. Thank you
I have the recently reissued Sgt Peppers on Capitol vinyl and it sounds really, really good. The remastered CD was also recently released on Capitol but I have not heard it.
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there is no problem with the recording.

the 24 bit/44 kHz file of 'Sgt. Peppers' is the best sounding digital that I have heard. that came from a USB stick of the whole catalogue. it's better than the 'quite good' re-mastered CD Beatles box (mono and stereo). the 24 bit is only stereo. both box sets are better than any previous CD.

the best Sgt. Peppers I've heard by a long shot is my low gen 15ips 1/4" master dub of Sgt. Peppers which smokes everything else. but it's unicorn and rainbow stuff. I suppose I ought to make a 2xdsd or Quad dsd rip of the tape. that might be the new digital king.

ditto my comments for the White Album including the tape..