Sgt. Pepper's. remastered Mobile Fidelity

A few years ago, I bought directly from a Japanese internet service a remastered Mobile Fidelity CD of the Beatles "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Hoping for a better sounding CD of the original, I paid more money than I should. My first hearing of the CD sounded a bit bright, but very listenable.

However, today, I replayed the same CD on my downsized system in which only the speakers have been downsized in height weight and quality. I have a Rogue hybrid integrated amp of 100RMS and a fully upgraded Ayre CX-7e mp CD player which is outstanding. My newly acquired speakers are the Golden Ear Technology model 7 which received raved reviews at 2012 CES. The speaker cable is Grover Huffman.

I was shocked at how bad the CD sounded, that is. jagged and screechy highs, especially at certain crescendos I wondered if I had made a huge mistake in buying the GET speaker, or the combo of other components was just not for this speaker. Or simply, even though a remastered MF copy, pressed in Japan, that maybe the recording sounded bad because of its age, and the recording techniques used in 1967.

I wonder if there is a first class CD reissue of this masterpiece available beside the original vinyl issue which I used to own. BTW, the speakers sounded fine yesterday on a Procul Harum reissue celebrating their 40th anniversity. ( Cover sleeve is pink with a ghostly figure of a woman in the foreground) PH was a great band far ahead of its time.

Any and all suggestions welcomed. Thank you

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To Lowrider, Yes, you are correct "overextended" highs. However, by your comment,it seems like you have bought other Japanese pressing of the Beatles or possibly others, and they are better.

BTW, even if the dynamics are outstanding and there is minimal or low noise that is irrelevant if the highs are so fatiguing it burns off your ears and gearing which is the case on the Japanese pressing of SPLHB.

To Bdf, Thank you for the info. I assume you mean remastered mono vinyl box sets, and also remastered stereo vinyl. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am not that much of a vinyl purist to have add mono vinyl LP. I believe I recently purchased a mono version of the Beatles "Help" which is missing one or two of the better selections....and also sounds flat and washed out....( Thank you again Music Direct) I have a minimal TT in a Project DC Carbon with a Ortofon 2M Red.....I only have it to play the 40 or so LP's that I have not given away or which are just worn out. So, if the remastered Beatles boxset in stereo is vinyl, I would not be interested or getting back into analog. However, can you clarify who is offering these two box sets, and wheather there is a remastered CD box set in stereo. Thank you