SGC Vortexbox Audiophile

Looking to go in this direction.

Any feedback form users or is there something as simple and better sounding?
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I think it's a good unit for what it does, if you choose the DIY route the difference in price is not much.

Of course there are better alternatives but way more expensive, such as the RipNAS Solid V3 or the Monster.
How are they better than the Audiophile Vortexbox? If I get one I will have the SOTM USB card installed.
I have the Wyred4Sound music server that is based on Vortexbox. It works very well. Easy to control with IPAD or IPhone. I back it up to a portable hard drive. All very easy to set up etc. The Audiophile Vortexbox looks intriguing as you can obtain 4TB of storage and numerous connections and it looks like a bargain. One of the things I would want to know about is the power supply.
The A-Vortexbox can be powered by a seperate 12vdc linear ps. SGC sells one of those for that purpose, also the SOTM USB card is designed to clean up the power supply "noise" on the USB cable and can be powered with a separate linear ps. Another cool feature on the SOTM card is a switch to send data only to your USB dac if the USB receiver is internally powered.
I use the Dspeaker Anti Mode Dual Core and the data only feature would work well with it.
I think the Antipodes unit is a more advanced version with custom scripts written into it to further silence noise and interference, achieve a vastly lower level of jitter and it uses a power supply made expressly for the least possible noise.

They've even found a hard drive that's better than a SSD (who would of thought).
It's more expensive but reviewers highly regard it.

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If you use DLNA the SOTM usb card is wasted expense.
I have the standard vortexbox. I've had mine about two years and it has been reliable and was reasonably easy to set up and operate. Highly recommended.
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Thanks for the info, my main two concerns are sound quality and build quality I have looked at the Antipodes unit and the cost is too high for my budget.

Please keep the comments coming.