SFL 2 recalibration/biasing

I have just replace the old tubes with a new ones in my SFL 2. Can anyone guide me on how to recalibrate this unit. I noticed 2 trimpots on the ist pair of tubes.
thanks again for you out there who always come to the rescue.
09-27-02: Kana813
I have a SLF-2, and asked the same question awhile back.

If you're going to replace your tubes, suggest you contact Kevin at Upscale Audio, he knows the SF products.

If you're not using the balanced outputs you don't have to
worry about biasing.

If you are using the balanced outputs: you'll need a multimeter to read AC voltage, and a source to generate a 1000hz signal into a line level input(many test CDs have this).

The task is to adjust the pot next to each bank of tubes,
so that you get the same voltage readings from the postive pin to ground and negative pin to ground in each channel. Adjust one channel at a time and disconnect anything connected to the preamps outputs.

I had another thread similar to this. Look for post that I have written under BEMOPTI123.