SFCD-1, Theta Miles or Linn Karik?

I am ready to upgrade my CD player from old Adcom cdp. I own SFS-40 and SF-1pre, and Meadowlark Kestrel. I heard good thing about all of the CDP above. I already own all of the SF stuff, so i am not sure i want SF player (discontinued anyway) Karik i can upgrade with Numerik, and the Theta is newer, still in production, i hope? I listen mostly blues, classical, and vocals. You sharing your experiances, with CDP's mentioned, is more than appreciated. Happy Hollidays!
Have a look at the Sony 777ES, greta CD player with SACD as a bonus and it is an excellent transport. YMMV.
I was debating, once, between SFCD, and Karik. At that time i had all Linn gear, and i guess karik was logical choice (so as the price). It is hard to say, which would be better in your case. Still SF is still holding its price, so 300bdude might have a point? Good Luck. By the way, i do not have a any complaints about my Karik
It is hard to tell. Most probably, differences are subtle, so you wouldn't even know about them. Unless, you are of course Carl_eber, the "Golden Ears" of the AudiogoN. Nevertheless, Sony 777ES would be most likely the smartest way to go
I've owned the sfcd and now own the miles.The miles kicks but over the SFCD.The SFCD was a big disapointment,very soft,lack of solid bass,too relaxed,freq rolled off,over rated.
Well, your going to get a lot of different takes on these players. I have found all three to sound entirely different in auditions, I am a bit swarthy but I would not go as far as to say that my ears are golden. The Miles and Linn were auditioned at the same shop together feeding the same system. So much for the associated equipment on that demo. I found the strength of the Miles to be its drive and pace. The Linn player had an odd way of making the music "float" in the air, not unlike some old Quad SS gear (amp and preamp) that I used years ago and may have altered the music's pace, but again I liked the overall sound. Both are great players, but different. The SF is smooth, musical and a bit laid back and sounds fine in an otherwise system. I listened to it through a Conrad Johnson integrated and also through a Plinius integrated, I much preferred it with the Plinius. Considering its price I would suggest that you also check out the Resolution Audio 50 or 55 if you like the sound. I prefer the RA. I opted for adding a DAC to my player which was the cheap way to go, but had I been willing to spend more would have gone with the Theta (for its drive) or the RA (for its overall musicality). I did not home demo any of these as I did not intend to purchase them and assume that they would have sounded even better if they had been properly set up with isolation components in my system (this has been my experience with other players that I have tried at home). You really need to audition the players and then re-audition them at least one more time. If at all possible attempt to arrange a home demo. If you want to spend less then check out the Musical Fidelity A3 player at around $1,000.