I have a sonic frontiers cd-1 i've owned for some time now.The player gives great sound but its not reading some of the newer disc i'm buying.The box set from the grateful dead is one that this player wont read all the time.Sometimes i'll put a disc in and it will read it and if i try to go to a certain track it locks the player up.'every disc in the box set will do this' and quite a few others in my collection as well.My older red book cds play fine.DOES anyone know what could be happening.I love this player and i dont want to junk it. Thanks for the help
Call Chris Johnson at parts connection. He designed the units.
Web address is partsconnection.com
I called Anthem's service dept. about SFCd-1 service issues a year ago, they were still able to service them. If it's a problem with the laser, partsconnexion can't repair that, it has to go back to Anthem I was told by Chris Johnson. (Anthem, as you probably know, is all that's left of the Sonic Frontiers line.)