SF Line-3, Trans 3, Dac 3 - house tube sound

Hello all you SF Line 3 users/knowers and doers. The big question. Who likes what house sound for the different tubes and in what positions are you finding what results. I know each tubes will have its own sound but in general the different names will have their own house sound. I'm pretty good right now with Siemans, Mullards and Valvo in the mix for the Line 3 but need to get that mid/hi a little more magical as I think the Siemans my not be the right tube for this. I'm also using the SF Trans 3 (the top loader) and SF DAC 3 which uses 4 tubes which currently are white usa 7308 Amperexs. I need a little help here as this SF dig is very revailing and showing just how flawed the CD medium is. This tranny and dac is letting everything from the CD thru. I need to tame this down a little and using those Amper 7308s. Now I also have a new pr of CCA Tele's and another pr of 7308 Siemans not being used yet. I know Albert knows what may help the Line 3 mid magic. Oh yea the spks are the Aerial 10T and Classe ca-300 amp with Kimber KS-3035 spk cable and KS-1120 ic. Any one out there with a similar setup that has tried the tube thing, your comments can help save me some time in trying all these different tube combinations out. Any comments will be well appreciated. Thanks, I'm only here a few times a nite. Thanks again, Mike
Hi Mike,
I use Amperex 7308 on the rear pair only.
With a pair of Shun Mook small valve resonators on them, you can tune the sound to your taste (warmth vs. speed).
Another suggestion: place your Line 3 on Symposium Rollerblocks.

Good listening,
I have a line 2se, and for me it was Symposium rollerblocks that made it work in my system. Bet they would work great under your dac as well.
Hi Mike. I have a Line 1 along with a Power 2. The best improvement was putting Ediswan's in place of the Sovteks and using Cardas Golden Reference IC's and speaker cables. The Ediswan put the sparkle in the top end and the Cardas gives great mid range warmth.

Mike, I have a standard Line 3 that came with current production 6H23s, not sure what make. I replaced the two rear outside tubes with Amperex 7308s. With the stock tubes in those positions the Line 3 sounds lean, and has an annoying glare in the upper mids/lower treble. The 7308 added a fullness across the spectrum, eliminated the glare (without rolling off the highs), richened the mids, and increased bass extension and articulation. I also tried replacing the rear inside pair with NOS Jan Philips ECF82s, recommended by Kevin Deal. The tonal balance sounded very life like, however they also reduced the sense of layering and air in the soundstage.

I haven't tried rollerblocks, cones, etc. I have had very good results with TG Audio HSRa II, and now HSR SLVR power cords.
Thanks so far everyone. How are you Michael, good hearing from you. I have a pr of Telef's cca and a new pr nos cca's the way with another pr of Tele E88cc. I will try some different combo's and report back. All in all, the Line 3 is a great preamp. I will have to try those Symposium Rollerblocks. I do have those heat sinks around the tubes but don't know if they are really worth it. So far I'm very pleased with this Line 3 and feel it does cross that line and gets ya into a real musical involvement. When it gets this good, it just makes ya want to get the very best out of it. Thanks all/Mike
Hey Mike. Sorry so late getting back to you, I've been on a much needed vacation. Nice to hear from you again too. If I remember, you use Kimber Select IC's. You should really try Cardas to see what difference that will make in your system. I really like Cardas Golden Reference between my Power 2 and Line 2 and between the Line 1 and Cary cdp. I run them balanced and think that they really smooth out the sound. Good luck and hopefully talk to you soon.