SF Line 3-- Parasound JC-1-- Thiel 7.2 Cables ?

I would be interested in hearing any opinions of very good cables that I should consider for connecting my
Wadia 861
Sonic Frontiers LINE 3
Parasound HALO JC-1
Thiel 7.2
I'm currently using TARA Master Gen 2.
I've made some upgrades and now it's time to consider cables. The sound is now pretty neutral, if anything Solid State/Thiels could be a touch warmer, but I like detail.
Realistically, I'd probably be buying anything Used.
Check out Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval.
I've owned a lot of thiels, they like MIT cabling. With those mamba's I'd probably look to the oracle line making sure you match the impedence.

I think I'd change the amp too, those puppies deserve better and more wattage, you might consider a big pair of mono-blocks like Classe 350's or Theta Citadels.

With these changes you'll get what you paid for in these speakers
Audience Au24s for the whole signal path:
Wadia Au24 AES Digital->SFL3 Au24 AES balanced->JC-1s->Au24 speaker cables->7.2s, and you will have a warm musicial sounding system and can forget about cabling.
Audience power cords would be a nice added touch if your budget could handle it.
The Parasound HALO JC-1 are pretty beefy mono amps, comparable to the Classe in power; I think the sound is pretty good, although I'm comparing it to my old underpowered VTL MB-250s.

MIT Oracles are awfully expensive, are there other models or makes that could get me almost there? I still wonder about the network cable concept.

I hadn't heard much on Au24 until recently, any ideas how it would compare to my current TARAs?
Sorry... i'm not up to speed on parasound, I just assumed, Ah...

Anyway, I took a look at your amp, Your right that's beefy! 400-watts into 8-ohms should drive those speakers just fine.

As far as cabling goes I've used MIT reference, Cardas golden Ref. and Nordost Quatro-fil. In the end I kept the Cardas, the sound was good and the cables were easy to work with. (not to heavy or to fragile)

I second MIT's, 350 reference ic's, 350 EVO's or oracles for the interconnects - check out the MIT magnum speaker cables, either M2 or M1's. I have M2's, they sound better than Oracle V3's did between my Thiel 3.6 and Classe amp. Thiels and MIT's are a great match.
I used my own brand of cables to voice the JC-1s, but just don't know your speaker system at all so don't know if it would be a good match or not.....Shoot me an email with your location and I'll advise a local dealer where you can give the TG wires a try......

Bob Crump
TG Audio/CTC Builders
I agree that higher end MIT speaker cables sound great with Thiels, but I have found the opposite to be true of their less expensive speaker cables with my 3.6's. Anything from the AVt1 on up should be okay, though. However, I am using Cardas Neutral Ref. speaker cables in my system, and I am very happy with them. For interconnects, I am using a mix of Cardas Neutral Ref. and Quadlink 5C for source to pre/pro, and MIT MI-330 Series 2 interconnects from pre/pro to amps (Theta), and again, I am happy with this setup.

MIT cable compatibility with Thiels has been suggested a number of times, but when I look at the upper end of the MIT line (around Magnums, maybe Shotgun), I see M1, M2, M3 versions with very large cost leaps between between them.

Any help in calibrating the real differences between models and what improvement steps are really worth the premium? Their "articulation" pitch is not totally convincing.

Frankly, such high cost for steps within a family just seems strange.
Based on suggestions from a number of folks (including this thread), I took advantage of a good offer to acquire a pair of MIT Magnum M2 speaker cables. They immediately improved my sound greatly: the bass is a bit deeper and more articulated (sorry about that word), any residual sharpness in the treble is gone, all or maybe more of the details are still present, and most tellingly, the sound is less artificial and much more real sounding.

I thought my older TARA calbes were OK, but these have been a very significant upgrade - now I have to think of upgrading the upstream cables, especially if this kind of improvement is possible.
Stewart - glad you like the M2's - they jumped my system up a significant notch also. I would check out some ic's - I like to have the entire system with network cables - best synergy.