SF Line 2 to upgrade or not

Well my trusty SF line 2 just failed, seems to be the power supply unit as one could easily identify the odour of burning electronics coming from it. Yes, I've changed the fuse just to have it fry again as soon as the power is turned on. So I'll need to send to C.J. at Parts Connexion for repair. In fact I've already conversed with him by email, he is (as all good sales guys do) suggesting I look at doing the SE+ and new volume controll upgrade while it's in the shop.
I might go for the volume controll from what I gather this will increase the available output voltage which seems lacking in the stock version but I'm waffling on that expensive SE+ upgrade.
So, my question is what do those of you that have had this "full montie" upgrade done to your Line 2's think of it?
What has it brought to the table in terms of improvement in your systems?
Is the cost to reward ratio worthwhile?

System details:
SF Line 2 pre-amp
Odyssey Stratos Extreme Mono's (with all the updates and then some)
Cary 308 CDP (solid state verision)
Sony ES601 CD changer
Dual TT
Paradigm Reference 60v2

Musical tastes:
Electric blues
Easy Listening (Eva Cassidy, Nora Jones etc)
"New" country
50's 60's 70's rock & roll

Anything else you'd like to know? Just ask.

Thank you in advance for any insight anyone is able to offer.
the line 2 isso good, i would keepor get anothrer for back up........atrue classic pre in every sense of the word
I just bought a Sonic Frontiers Line 3 off Audiogon. I am sending it off next week to Chris at the Parts connexion. I am sure he will do a excellent job. I went with his recommendation for replacement KT-88 tubes for my Sonic Frontiers Power 3 amps. The mid range is so much better. The mid bass is alive. It is great. I can't wait to get the Line 3 back. I also have a Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 which I have had for years, bought new. It will be my backup until the Line 3 returns.
I just received mine back with the full upgrade. Haven't had a chance to listen. I'm confident that it will be an improvement. More to follow.

I will vote for keeping it stock and save the money for upgrading other pieces in the chain like speakers or analog?