SF Line 2 and SS power amp

I would like to get some ideas from others to what solid state amp you either run or would suggest running with a Sonic Frontiers Line 2 pre-amp. I recently purchased the Line 2 and am now on the hunt for power to hook it up to. I would like to stay with solid state or hybrid power amp just to avoid dealing with the expense of a bunch of power tubes etc.
Line 2 output impedance is listed at 1500 Ohms.
Associated equipment:
Cary 308 CDP (solid state version)
Sony C601 CD changer (for the party nights)
Paradigm Reference Studio 60V2 Speakers
Paradigm Servo-15 Sub
Nothing special for speaker cables or I.C.'c
The Line 2 and new power amp would be replacing old NAD 7100X receiver.
I should have given a budget figure to work with in my request.
I would like to be in around or under the $2000 US$ ($2500 Canadian $$).

Thank you for your suggestions.
I see I made an error on the output impedance (boy not my day).
Should read:
300 ohms Balanced
150 ohms Unbalanced

Sorry about that!
right now, i am using a arc pre 650 ohm to a bryston amp 20k ohms to very good effect. impedance matching was not an issue. i had a sf line-2 briefly many years ago. paired with a krell amp presented no problems.

more important i think to consider in your search for an amp is speaker and room size matching. you want to pick an amp that's a good match for your speakers and is able to drive your speakers at levels you like in ur size room. after that, its personal taste.

in kalman rubinson's stereophile review of the SF line-2, he matched it with a mccormack dna-1 and sim cleleste moon w-5. i believe he used the line-2 (later the line-3) as his reference, so you can look for his reviews of SS amps in the stereophile archives.
I am running an SFL-2 pre with a Bryston 3BST amp and B&W Nautalus 805 speakers.

My listening room is small, I converted the master bedroom of my townhouse, so I don't need gobs of power. I find the combination works well for me.

Have fun!