SF Guarniere and SET?

Does someone experienced SF guarniere with a SET amplifier?
@ 88 db's these need some juice to drive them! I'm not aware of a SET that will or at least drive them to a level that's loud enough for my ears...The room size is also a factor. What is the current power you are using? or is the question one of you already have the SET, and are looking to get the Guarniere's?
Helo Mang53

I have a pair of SF guarniere using gamut d200mk3 + audiopax model five( pre) but I will try the new audiopax amplifier 98 stereo 30 w in a pair of merlin tsm mm that is my second system, but I began to think if is possible to drive de SF ? because my room is 4x 4 meters, and a prefer instrumental and jazz in low or medio volumes.I know that someone is using the SF g with a pair of cary 845 but in this case is 45w .I love gamut but there is a aura about the " SET sound".
Georgemg, do you know if the Guarniere has a mild impedance curve? That could be one determining factor whether it is SET friendly or not.

I am using a 37wpc Bel Canto SET40 which is an 845 based amp and it powers my ProAc Response 2.5s with great authority. I was quite surprised to find that it was able to drive the ProAcs almost as well as my solid state BAT VK200.

Power along with SET goodies!
I know it's not the same speaker but fwiw I used to have a pair of SF Grand Piano's, the originals, that I had to give up when I switched to a 36 watt Air Tight ATM-1 because the amp kept running out of steam. Given that experience I doubt that a true SET could hack it. Also, SF speakers are pretty renowned for sucking down power with abandon.
Heard Guarneri with Cary 805 once, that's 50 wpc in SET and it was glorious and very loud in a fairly large room. Given your room size and type of music you listen to, I think 30 wpc SET should not be a problem. Amati is a lot more demanding on power amp and I drove them with 30 wpc tube once with decent result. Just don't expect very low bass w/ SET, but then Guarneri doesn't have very low bass to start.